10 x 20 Design L

Backwall with Lightbox & Graphic
236.025”w x 48”d x 95”h
2 Small Podiums with Monitor Designs & Graphic
18”w x 18”d x 52”h each
Counter* with Graphic
42”w x 24”d x 42”h each
Curved Tube Frame Header with Graphic
108”w x 18”d x 12”h
*Counter tops subject to lead time of 4 to 6 days. Check with your Account Representative for availability.

Our Panoramic® Design collection was developed by seasoned exhibit space designers. The collection reflects universal solutions that would work well alone or with existing exhibit spaces.

Save time in the design phase and select an existing Panoramic® Design to create a complete display. Since Panoramic® only shows graphics, your artwork will carry the look and feel of any exhibit! With Panoramic®, the entire display is covered with graphic so your image will be on both sides of the wall.

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Panoramic™ Catalog

Check out our downloadable Panoramic™ catalog. It is a good overview of the Panoramic™ full visual system and a convenient reference when the website is not. It comes in two styles, both as PDF downloads. The "Desktop Version" is handy to keep on your computer and for quick prints. The "Press Ready Version" is ready to send off to your local print shop.

Desktop Version

Press Ready Version


Assembly Instructions

Our assembly instructions give a complete view of the set-up process for Panoramic™

Assembly PDF Download


Panoramic™ Brochure

Check out our downloadable Panoramic™ brochure. A great starting point for the Panoramic™ full visual system and easy to share with your customers who are new to the product.

Desktop Version


Graphic Templates

Download a PDF template. The vector template is easily opened in Illustrator and readily scalable for ease of use.

Template PDF Download