Panoramic Wall

The revolutionary full graphic system that puts the power of exhibit design, start to finish, in your hands. Think beyond the structure - if you could, what would you create? PANORAMIC™ isn’t just a graphic system...it is the graphic. It is the design. Design that surpasses all visual frame restrictions. Designs that utilize the entire display as a complete canvas. Graphics that completely cover the entire structure with your message. Think about the possibilities. One large graphic - a beautiful blank canvas just waiting for your creativity to explode without limits.

The PANORAMIC™ display structure is completely hidden making your message or brand the clear focus. Out of sight but not out of mind! The hidden all-aluminum display structure has many benefits of it’s own:

  • frame structure is simple to work with
  • lightweight but extremely strong
  • fewer parts and pieces
  • easy wire management
  • convenient packaging system
  • white powder-coated finish resists dirt and it looks great (you may choose to see some of the frame in your design)
  • simple label system of all parts and matching bill of sale
  • grows with your exhibit needs
  • accessories like monitor mounts, shelves, stand-offs and bases

The PANORAMIC™ frame can adapt to any existing exhibit and easily expands to accommodate larger spaces. Start with a 10' space confident that your investment will be scalable to a larger space when budgets increase. The SEG fabric graphics are extremely adaptable. So simple and quick to install you can change out your graphics each day of the show. New message needed? No problem, the fabric graphics can be shipped out in an envelope direct to the show.

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