Frequently Asked Questions

Panoramic® Wall

Based on your feedback and our experience, we have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
For information, please click on the questions.

  • Are the Cad Drawings of Panoramic® structures available for our use?
  • Yes, cad drawings are available for download onthe individual Exhibit Component pages.
  • What is the advantage of Panoramic® over other extrusion systems on the market?
  • Panoramic® gives clients more visual opportunities to market and get their message visible to show attendees. Since the frame is hidden it can be used with any existing system.
  • Overall value as a major Panoramic® advantage to determine true cost, consider
  • Quicker and easier install for clients, keeping budgets in line.
  • More valuable for custom houses; Panoramic® can give designers an option when in need of a custom feel booth, without cutting wood.
  • More configuration options for multiple shows. With Panoramic® you can change out the graphics for each show rather than building new each time.
  • One major advantage is the seamless effect resulting from vibrant fabric graphics. Other advantages are the full canvas available for your marketing message. Other systems suffer from visual obstruction of the image by the frame itself, with Panoramic® you get Full Visual System! The no tools set-up and take down is quick and easy saving labor costs and time. The advantages don’t stop at the frame system innovations. Fabric graphics fold up and store in a fraction of the space hard panels take up... and let’s not forget shipping and image updating advantages of the SEG fabric graphics!
  • Overall value as a major Panoramic® advantage to determine true cost, consider:
    • extremely fast set-up time
    • clearly labeled parts system
    • simplicity of wire management
    • low initial cost - expandability
    • shipping - less weight and volume
    • strength and durability
    • convenient packaging system
    • choose existing exhibit component
  • Can we retro fit or combine nouveau with Panoramic® or visa versa?
  • No, Panoramic® and Nouveau™ are different systems and cannot be fitted together.
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